Dawn of A New Day

This is my piece in response to this week’s Writing Challenge by Anna Fonté, writer at girl in the hat

Waling-waling ~~ By Dalton Holland Baptista – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5096370


against the

Color of dawn,


Temple on a cliff,

Mother Eagle poised



Her young

took to the

First break of light

Sweet scent



Orchids in pink

White purple


Dawn of hope

Cupped in


the Soul rejoices

Crisp city air

Fades into


Warmth of the

New day sun…

Then lips raised

for the day’s first taste

of coffee brew.



As I stand before the
Ocean of time
Waves of memories
Lap the shores of my mind.

Deep in reverie then
I swim back to when
Everything had rhymes and rhythms.

Soon jolted back to reality
I find my clouds of cotton candy
Have burst and melted into
Droplets of rain.


Another of my own poems which I shared in another website (Writing.com), and for which I got 4 stars in the review! When I was writing this, I was trying to come up with something lyrical, whimsical, not mushy.


Distant Star

I used to be the brightest star
on your horizon
when a moonbeam suddenly
overshadowed me…

While I used to bask
in the nearness
of your warmth;

Now must I dim
in the coldness
of the distance…

I wrote and shared this poem (2010) in another website, Writing.com, where I go by the name Mayflower (Marichu), and username summerblossom.


How My Dreams Foretell

My dreams can foretell. Foretell my future – what lies in days or months ahead.

One morning after getting up, many small potted green plants neatly arranged outside the house greeted my sight. Surprised, but delighted, I re-arranged them to my liking, but wondered where they came from.

In fact, I had been planning to buy some hanging plants from our church’s weekend market, but due to my terrible knee pain, was unable to.

Then, a medium-sized blue drum enclosing a bigger potted plant emerged in one corner, so I came near to remove that drum.

Lo and behold – the pot contained not only a plant, but a small frog seemingly sticking out from the soil. More shocking, a frozen fish head slowly inched its way from the soil, then more fish heads sprang up.

Suddenly, a large whole tuna fish, seemingly freshly-caught, with a bait still in its mouth, laid out before my eyes.

When I really woke up, my heart was thumping wildly with wonder and excitement – couldn’t almost breathe. It was one of the most fantastic, vivid dreams I’ve ever had!

Now this other dream of mine will always be unforgettable because it somehow foretold my entrance into the world of teaching English – to foreigners – from different parts of the world: Continue reading “How My Dreams Foretell”

Mother’s Day: An Afterthought

It’s almost a week after people in many places around the globe celebrated Mother’s Day; it’s my youngest son’s birthday, too. He who once was my baby is now himself a father of two lovely, adorable little girls. And here is an afterthought.

In my heart of hearts, my sons will always be babies, as I’d often see them in my dreams…such until they entered their 30s, for now they have grown big.

Still in my heart, I cradle them close like I did when they were infants; In my eyes, I see the look they had when they’d beseech me when they were children.

Part of a mother’s soul perhaps would not let their children go, though grow they must to tackle their own.

A mother will always feel all the range of emotions she had when her children were still small because her love will always be.

Now am grateful for the care, support and love they bestow on me in turn…A mother’s heart flutters with joy!

While it’s almost a week after people in many places around the globe celebrated Mother’s Day, my celebration of being a mother continues each day.

To my son celebrating his birthday today, I love you with all my heart.