190 Days Later: Life’s Abloom


Looking back to the 21st of January, I cannot recall if I ever made any predictions as to how this year would turn out to be. Yet, grateful I am that 190 days later, I find my life abloom with dreams I’ve nurtured deep in my heart, bearing fruits much more than I expected. With more faith, confidence and courage, I trek on headlong to the path that awaits me.

“Your mind is like a garden. Tend it well by filling it with positive, encouraging, faith-building thoughts throughout the day.” – Maria Fontaine


                      Daily Prompt: 190 Days Later


Ode To A Forgotten Past


time was

when I spent

my life in the sand,

where everything

could sink into


Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

for when I look

for traces left


there are none to see…


time was such

it was not worth

a monument

nor a well of

tears nor a canvass

of colors…


whatever it was

that stood upon the sand

all crumbled into pieces

and were washed away

by the rushing waves…

Leftovers: Cherished Thoughts of Yesterday

Like an old chest, some memories linger almost forgotten but never discarded...
Like an old chest, some memories linger almost forgotten but never discarded…Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

My hallowed past is like a chest full of memories – leftovers from the past, my cherished thoughts of yesterday.

Each recollection neatly wrapped in scented layers, hidden beneath the pages of the here-and-now, folded carefully in the hollows of my mind.

They just lay there, until a refrain from an old song, or the aroma of a traditional chicken soup being cooked next door prompts one or two to come unbidden. Continue reading “Leftovers: Cherished Thoughts of Yesterday”

Leftover: Yesterday’s Dust

Deep within my mind

Lies a hollow

I dare not go

For fear of waking up

Memories all in

Rancid taste…

Along endless corridors

And empty halls

I pass

Into nameless faces

In crowded streets

I walk

But deep into

This abyss mine

I dare not tread…


This is my first response to the weekly writing challenge on The Daily Post:




A pat on the back and a sympathetic ear are valuable gifts you can give to those you work and live with. Times of crisis only increase their value.” — Maria Fontaine

The Promise of Beijing

My response to Poetry Prompt #17 – Dreamflights

A thousand songs of supplication

Echo through the marble halls of the Temple

That heaven may bless the vast ancient lands

With bountiful harvest and graces

Its splendor rising in awed reverence

To the blue Beijing skies;

Emperors and subjects alike

Had climbed its royal steps

Fortified with the decay and progress

Of almost six centuries

The Hall of Prayer stands in majestic contrast

To the ideology that now reigns supreme

Yet…deep in the heart of Beijing’s humanity

Lies the fervent hope of love and peace

Ever cried by sages and poets alike…

China is never lost to the world!

I wrote this soon after I had penned my poem, “Shanghai by the Moonlight” – in 2000. Just like my poem on Shanghai, this was inspired by a Beijing postcard, (not this accompanying photo) courtesy of my Chinese student. I also shared this in the same website where I had posted several of my poems – Writing.com where I went by my username Summerblossom.


Colors of My Mind

warm burst of sunshine Yellow,

lay its Golden glow upon

rolling hills of soft Green grass

and swirls of foamy Pink petals

float on White waves whispering my


Then a dash of Lilac lilies here and there

splice with fleeting images

of Blue butterflies –

drops of Silver stones

fill my pocket with

thoughts of You…

This is my post in response to the Daily Post prompt: Frame of Mind – If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?


 The plum blossom is full of fragrance

Because it suffers the bitter cold…

The sword is perfectly sharp

Because it goes through the grindstone…

The eagle soars to new heights

Because it is not afraid to fall…

The ocean shore is reached

Because the captain chooses to defy

The cruel waves and violent storms…

The eye is never sad at the sight

Of dark clouds adrift

Because it knows the promises of light.

Thus, it is how you pursue rowing your boats

With vigor to the banks of learning

And scaling the mountains

Even if the way is torturous

You still follow your dreams…

And just like how a mother feels over

Her children’s relentless efforts to learn

Your struggles and pains are also mine

Your sense of fulfillment is my joy, too.

May all your aspirations and hopes come true…

May your happiness be as immense

As the deep eastern sea…

And remember the bright sun

Always rises high

In the east blue sky.

I wrote this poem in December, 2000, and ever since, I have been giving this poem to each and everyone of my students as my lasting token of appreciation for their struggles and progress in learning, and for having been there in my life.
I first shared this online in another website: Writing.com, where I go by the username Summerblossom. I have changed the title of this post – from my original title “A Teacher’s Tribute to Her Dear Students” because I discovered another piece online, in prose, with the same title.