A Holy Week Reflection

I have been on an enlightening, uplifting, refreshing online retreat these past three days of the Holy Week, in this second year of the pandemic. The theme of that retreat offered by the Pins of Light community and facilitated by Fr. Johnny Go, S.J., was Letting Good, Letting Evil, Letting God.

One of the things that struck me in the retreat is the invitation for us to think critically about our faith. In fact, at some points, I felt transported back to my theology classes.

I share here my personal reflections in the form of prayers for each day of the retreat inspired by the lessons and wisdom I gained.

Holy Thursday Reflection: On Letting GOOD

O my dearest Lord Jesus, in this season of my life, in the Gethsemanes of my life, help me to remember You are always with me. Help me to be Fearless despite being afraid. Help me to Trust You more, to be more discerning with my thoughts that I do not chase every butterfly but to choose only those that lead to GOD. Amen

Good Friday Reflection: On Letting EVIL

My dearest Lord Jesus, thank you that You loved us until Your last breathe on earth and that You continue to love us despite our sinfulness. Thank you for showing us the way to resist Evil — without having to add to it and becoming evil ourselves. May we have the grace, strength, and courage to resist and defy evil just as how You did it, channeling righteous anger by speaking the Truth in a non-violent way, and with Forgiveness and Compassion. May our individual and collective hurts and anger transform us into instruments of Your Peace…peaceful Warriors for the Truth and against Evil, by Your grace, O Lord. Amen

Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday Reflection: On Letting GOD

My dear Lord Jesus, thank you for being my greatest CONSOLER…that even in the midst of my pain and sufferings, You are with me even if I fail to realize or appreciate that. In both my Sadness and Joy, You are here to share them with me. Help me to do the same for others — to share in their sufferings and joys through my words and deeds. Help me to think more critically about my Faith, not to find fault or criticize, but to deepen my belief and understanding. Help me to see beyond my usual image of You as a vending machine. Rather, may I see you more as the Gardener of my life, the Good Seed planted in my soul to Redeem me, and most of all, that You are my GOD. Help me carry my own Cross with Love for You and transform my pains and burdens into channels of Your grace. Help me see the original goodness in me and in others and Your Goodness in unexpected places. Amen



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